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Lorida, Florida
Tir De , Gaelic for "God's Country"

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We have been providing peaceful, inspiring and successful retreats since 2004. We offer several retreat programs to meet your group's needs.

Several types of Retreats are available:

Weekend Retreats
The weekend retreat program is two nights and one and half days, and includes group and individual activities combined with outdoor enrichment experiences, as well as free time for relaxation and meditation.

Weekend Retreats usually begin on Friday evening when all participants have arrived. Most guests arrive between 7 and 8:30 p.m. The schedule consists of a full day on Saturday, including the evening hours, and Sunday morning through early afternoon, until approximately 1:30 p.m. See Highlights below.

Three meals are served on Saturday and two on Sunday. All linens and towels are provided. See the Accomodations section for photos and more details.

One Day Retreats: A Day of Renewal
Available for groups that need to refresh body, mind and spirit. For details call 1-954-491-5146..

Self-Directed Retreats and Custom Retreats
Participants choose their own structure. For details in developing a self-directed and custom retreat call 772-336-0602.

Conferences, Meetings and Seminars
Our facility is also available to host your conference, meeting, or seminars. For details call 772-336-0602.

Retreat Highlights Include:
— Daily prayer service
— Outdoor gazebo for prayer and meditation
— Appreciation of farm animals
— Pony cart jaunting on a rustic country road
— Optional row boating/paddle boating/nature walk
— Bicycling & exercise equipment
— Pontoon boat ride
— St. Francis garden with waterfall / Labyrinth
— Many locations on the 3 acres to rest and reflect under      magnificent mature oak trees, including a hammock
— An array of antique farm implements to assist in paralleling      the spiritual journey(sowing, ploughing,reaping/harvesting)
— Special Sunday worship service on the big lake,
     where you can experience "being cradled in the
     loving arms of the Father."
— Great room with natural fireplace
— Individual antique furnished, air conditioned bedrooms
— Wholesome and satisfying meals

Group Size
Groups are limited to eight to 10 people for maximum individual participation. The standard retreat for both women and men is offered throughout the year. Couples retreats can be arranged.

Cancellation Information

The facilitator is licensed and certified in Florida as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MT), Addiction Therapist (CAP), as well as in family mediation, and is certified nationally as a fellow in Pastoral Counseling (AAPC).

Dress is casual. Jeans, shorts, work-out clothing, T-shirts, and comfortable shoes or sneakers are all acceptable. Bringing a sweater or jacket is also advised.

Reservations and Additional Information
Reservations for our upcoming scheduled weekend retreats please email Reservations@TirDeRetreatCenter.org.
For further Information or questions please email info@TirDeRetreatCenter.org or call the Retreat Center at 772-336-0602.

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Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, please call for the current status of our Retreat Schedule. 

Retreat group size is limited to 8 - 10 participants. For larger groups, please call to reserve the Day of Renewal or Meetings of up to 20 people.

Custom Retreats for your Needs
young women

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Any group you put together.
Just Choose A Date then
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